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Enrollment & Tuition


Wow! Thank you for considering Cady's Kids for your child(ren)s care. Please make sure you get the chance to check our availability, schedule a tour, or join the waitlist here! Our enrollment process is straightforward, and if you feel we are a good fit for your family, be sure to apply for a seat, schedule a tour, or reach out with any questions! 


A little bit about our scheduling and tuition: 


Parents must contract for a specific number of days per week and will be billed accordingly.  We do accept additional days based on availability. Please notify us of your needs as early as possible so we may accommodate you!


Two weeks of vacation credit for full-time families are offered per school year. Our calendar year runs from September through August.


There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee.


Cady’s Kids does accept child care assistance.  Most families have a co-pay, but we will not know what it is until we can see your authorization.  The co-pay is the difference between our rate and the payment we receive from W2.  It is determined by the caseworker based on the family's income.



* for a complete list of tuition policies, please consult our Policies & Procedures, which can be obtained upon the interest of enrollment through our office. 

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